Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dyreng Easter Extravaganza

It is always a good time to see how many people we can pack in "big blue" we went "bah-hahing" up a huge hill to start our Easter of Rolling tires!!! What a blast!! Thanks Trav for the great idea. It was so funny to watch the colored tires roll down the hill.
With Papa Kent around we are always sure to have a "BLAST"!
The tradition of rolling eggs.
Lance and Bry enjoying the tire rolling.
It was so fun to have the whole family there for Easter. The entire day turned out so fun. Eating lunch at Grandma Greats!! Then heading to the hills for rolling adventure, of rolling tires and rolling eggs. Then ending at Grandma's and Grandpa's for Pizza and fun. We had a wonderful Easter!!


Easter with the Roberts is always a blast and it is a fun way to kick off the Easter Holiday. We wake up Saturday morning and go for a HUGE Easter egg hunt. We run between 3 yards and then we literally run to the old football field. It is a race between the Reagan, Josh, Lance, and I. Maybe I will have to start running now to get ready for next year. Reagan and I have a better chance of winning while Nathan on his mission, so we have one more year to try to redeem our selves. Rick and Paula are the best for making this event the greatest!!

Friday night we all had so much fun coloring Easter eggs at Grandma Roberts. The night was full of excitment between knocking colors all over the counter and getting more color on our hands than on our eggs.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

GiNgeR-bReAD HoUse

We had so much fun making this. I don't know who got more into it Dad or Stock. Stock was eating as much as he could as fast he could. While Lance was taking his time puting the frosting around windows and corners. Good times had by all!!

James Christmas Party

The kids first time sitting on Santa's lap without crying. This was the cutest Mr. and Mrs. Claus I have ever seen. They even had a cute little puppy with them that was dressed in a Santa suite. They were so much fun!
Mrs. Claus sitting on Papa Kents Lap!!

ChRisTmaS TrEe cUtTinG

The annual Christmas Tree Cutting.... It was lots of fun to go out and cut our tree down. The little guy had a blast. Grandpa-Great helped all the grandkids build a fire. And Papa Kent took him for a crazy jeep ride to not just to cut down the Christmas tree but he shot it down. It was a good time!! We had a blast just like anytime we hang out with Papa and the boys!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Princess Brylee

FuN PicTureS OuTsiDe wItH the PrEttY FloWerS

Lake Powell

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Fourth of July

Richfield Parade was lots of fun with the Roberts' clan.

Thursday, July 10, 2008